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    Cloud computing can help make your apps extraordinarily agile and scalable. You know this. Your competitors know this. And now, it seems, it is a race to the finish. Until, that is, application migration appears on the agenda. You know you need to map a path with the endgame in mind. A secure architecture reigns when plotting app migration. And if it does not, you may end up with more complexity than before. Stutzen can lead you through a process that reduces pain and costs while maximizing time and resources. It comprises five important stages and five cross-functional teams.


    At Stutzen, our discovery engineers employ logic and data-driven analysis to rapidly map applications and infrastructure as well as to determine the right migration path and landing zone-whether that’s re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-factoring. We learn your application dependencies, enterprise assets, migration move groups and unique business considerations while collaborating with the migration team to devise a lean migration strategy that not only moves your enterprise workloads, but optimizes them for the cloud. We help increase speed, quality, and savings by providing a complete and integrated tool chain from discovery through planning and workload migration. Automated tools for workload migration are supplemented with extensive teams of code migration specialists to modify or re-architect applications as required.


    “An agile solution for application modernization”.After we establish a tailored assessment framework, we can help you determine the appropriate migration path for each application. Our assessment tool weigh critical factors such as security, scalability, your growth plan, high-priority business initiatives and risks, and regulations and generates an impact analysis chart to determine migration-readiness. From there, we can discern the most appropriate target cloud deployment option (public, private or hybrid), a suitable type of service (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS), cloud vendor platform (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku or IBM Cloud Platform) and the appropriate level of remediation. Stutzen’s migration management tool offers single point of data access, migration execution command and control, real-time planning and tracking, and a clear migration work plan. Modernizing your applications also offers substantial savings— you could lower your migration and maintenance budgets between 40 and 50 percent.

    Migration planning

    During the next phase of Cloud Migration process, we align the assessment results to a practical roadmap. We take into account key factors, such as assessment recommendations, target architecture & environment availability for private clouds, application dependencies,budget and cost expectations and business calendars. Specific steps during the planning phase may include:

    • Estimating the application migration effort
    • Defining requirements
    • Creating a migration roadmap
    • Planning migration
    • Conducting migration pilots
    • Updating the business case
    • Designing a future architecture

    Migration and testing

    During the migration and testing phase, we mobilize Application Migration Factory processes, tools and teams to meet your specific requirements and objectives. The process includes a detailed migration plan, factory governance and operations model, all backed with our industry-leading practices. Using migration management tools,

    • Remediating and/or migrating applications
    • Documenting code changes and configurations
    • Migrating databases
    • Testing applications to help confirm migration has not changed functionality


    Finally, it’s time to go live. Once we’ve worked with you to perform all the discovery, assessment, planning, and migration and testing, we can launch your cloud applications, providing support, performing post-migration review and executing technical decommissioning, as required. Your applications would now operate in a new architecture as public or private IaaS, PaaS or SaaS deployments.

    Getting you launched into the cloud is only half the story. Through our deep understanding of your business dynamics and industry, we not only create extraordinary value from the process, we also help recode your operational DNA—setting you on a path of reinvention that will continue long after you have moved to cloud. Our cloud migration offering encompasses three capabilities:

    • Package transition and migration services: Business process redesign, technology architecture, and engineering services to support a package upgrade and/or migration between hosting solutions (on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to on-premise).
    • Custom transition and migration services: Workload migration planning, execution, and management services to support the transition of custom solutions between hosting environments.
    • Application modernization: Application analysis, architecture design, and modification services to meet enterprise architecture and infrastructure goals in an application’s transition to cloud.

    Saas Implementation

    Today’s off-the-shelf cloud software as a service solutions are increasingly more capable, configurable, and scalable. Our understanding of your unique business realities can help you unlock the potential of those products and use it to your advantage. When it comes to serving key functions such as accounting, human resources, administration, and supply chain management, the selection and implementation of cloud software solutions can be a major differentiator for your company. It’s vital that it be a positive differentiator. If you start with the wrong product, you may wind up spending more time and money customizing and deploying it than you would have spent building it from scratch.

    That's where Stutzen comes in. Our cloud implementation teams have planned and executed programs for clients across industries and around the globe. We've built dedicated practices that know how to effectively implement cloud computing offerings from Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, and more. As we orchestrate the selection, deployment, and optimization of your cloud solution, we look again at each process and every person that it impacts—with an eye toward identifying opportunities to help you improve operations, spur innovation, and establish an agile digital culture across your organization. In short, we can help you get off-the-charts value from your off-the-shelf solutions.

    Our cloud SaaS implementation offering is provided across four capabilities:

    • Enterprise resource planning: Operating model, business process, and technology design / implementation to support the adoption of cloud SAP, Oracle Cloud, NetSuite, or Workday financial and supply chain solutions.
    • Customer relationship management: Operating model and technology design / implementation to support the adoption of off-premise Salesforce or Oracle customer cloud solutions.
    • Human resources transformation: Human capital business model and technology design / implementation services to support the adoption of cloud technologies such as Workday, SAP, or Oracle Cloud.
    • Other SaaS domains: Business process and technology design and implementation to support the adoption of enterprise cloud applications across a wide set of functions including e-commerce, content management, billing, and more.

    Stutzen amplifies value through SaaS implementation

    • Our technology–agnostic approach combined with our strong package vendor relationships mean we can provide detailed insight and objective guidance at every step on your cloud computing implementation journey.
    • We have dedicated practices for every major enterprise solution on the market, staffed by advisors and engineers with significant downstream vendor experience.
    • Our breadth and depth of technical, industry, and business knowledge enable us to orchestrate solutions that solve challenges faster and help you outpace change.
    • If clients no longer wish to manage their own technology infrastructures or cloud environments, we can migrate them to cloud managed services platforms.

    Take Advantage on Stutzen

    • Our deep vendor relationships and knowledge of third-party tools allow us to apply the right solutions and minimize risk on your behalf.
    • We understand not just the technology challenges that you face but also their implications for your finances, regulatory compliance, lines of business and more.
    • We have proprietary tools that perform detailed top-down bottom-up scenario analyses across multiple migration scenarios to build the right business case for your needs.
    • We know how to solve your licensing challenges, target tech stack requirements, cloud-native coding needs, etc.—in short, all of the tech issues you face in migration.