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    With Stutzen open source customisation team, migrating from an existing system to open frameworks and implementing open source customisation is unique than ever. Our Open source applications are a superlative way to start a business, and in a cost effective manner.The strategy involves with consulting, training sessions, maintenance and support to make our client feel content at all times.

    Benefits of using open source softwares

    Development time and cost reduced by over 40%

    Between the purchase price of the software itself, the exorbitante cost of mandatory virus protection, support charges and the ongoing upgrade expenses, proprietary software takes more out of your business than you probably even realize. And for what? You can get better quality at a fraction of the price. If you're considering using open source software, it will typically cost you nothing to try it out first.

    The software comes modification rights

    Along similar lines, business users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs. Since the code is open, it's simply a matter of modifying it to add the functionality they want. Don't try that with proprietary software!

    Avoiding Vendor lock-in

    When businesses turn to open source software, they free themselves from the severe vendor lock-in that can afflict users of proprietary packages. Customers of such vendors are at the mercy of the vendor's vision, requirements, prices, priorities and timetable, and that limits what they can do with the products they're paying for.

    With FOSS, on the other hand, users are in control to make their own decisions and to do what they want with the software. They also have a worldwide community of developers and users at their disposal for help with that.

    Flexible enough to meet specific needs

    When your business uses proprietary software such as Microsoft Windows and Office, you are on a treadmill that requires you to keep upgrading both software and hardware ad infinitum. Availability of large sea of source codes from the internet makes the Open source software typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that you can run it well even on older hardware. It's up to you--not some vendor--to decide when it's time to upgrade.

    Long term customer support, fixes, enhancements, and software updates from wide user base

    Open source software is generally free, and so is a world of support through the vibrant communities surrounding each piece of software. Most every Linux distribution has an online community with excellent documentation, forums, mailing lists, forges, wikis, newsgroups and even live support chat. Open source software bugs are normally quickly discovered and fixed thanks to the collaborative community of developers and users and easy access to the source code.The fix is often quickly followed by the release of an updated version, a tempting alternative to the slower processes of a proprietary vendor.

    For businesses that want extra assurance, we offer paid support options on most open source packages at prices that still fall far below what most proprietary vendors will charge. Stutzen’s responsiveness in support bridges the gap between both ends.

    Enhanced portability

    Open source software is much better at adhering to open standards than proprietary software is. If you value interoperability with other businesses, computers and users, and don't want to be limited by proprietary data formats, open source software is definitely the way to go.