Understanding the landscape of the digital world, aids to successfully navigate the dynamic world of consumer perceptions.

Our unique approach blends digital and traditional methods to give brands a defined sight to their goals. Either it is understanding about the consumer in person or focussing on a large scale group, we uncover new opportunities within uncharted territory. Our diverse experts use technology to source data, but our Analysts are our secret weapon, adding context and creating actionable insights.

Social Listening Brand & Competitive Analysis

Social listening can enable you to understand the environment of your brand mapped against to the competitive set. Through our manual approach we determine the state of your brand-brand health and map key metrics against competitors to focus on discovering the growth areas of your brand.

Brand Compass

Our Brand Compass framework helps marketers effortlessly bridge the gap from insight to action. The Brand Compass plots online consumer perception of your brand against a map of functional and emotional attributes, revealing the white space opportunities and providing the ability to track that growth.

Crowd Analysis

Our Crowd Analysis reveals who’s talking about your brand. Beyond demographics, we analyze the consumer’s digital footprint and psychographics to expose passion points that drive behavior. This unique way of segmenting has implications for media targeting, content, and community strategy.

Consumer Journey Mapping

This analysis illuminates the consumer’s path from awareness to purchase. It’s a thorough, yet simple, map of the journey, revealing barriers, triggers, mindset, motivation, and touchpoints to inform messaging strategies, digital architectures, content creation and more.

Quality Scorecard

The Quality Scorecard highlights holes where brands are not connecting with consumers. We compare the quality of conversation across brands, products and markets by benchmarking conversation on an engagement scale, which can be customized for long-term KPI measurement.

Zen Trend Analysis

Zen Trend Analysis combined with Google data pinpoints trends and seasonality through the use of a predictive formula that includes both search and social media data. We are able to give brands clear direction on which trends it can align with to successfully resonate with the current zeitgeist.