picture app

picture app



We carried out a creative mobile app development in Hebrew language by embracing the challenges involved in it. An online platform where the user can have an complete freedom in designing to receiving their printed memories in the form of pictures. Embedded the RtL (Right to Left) display in the entire mobile platform, including iOS and android.

It is an online picture printing mobile application developed in Hebrew language. The whole application uses the RtL(Right to Left display) feature embracing the Hebrew language. The application allows the user to upload pictures either from his/her device or from their Facebook profile, since the app holds Fb integration. User can do customised printing by selecting the type of printing (matte finish, polished look, framed picture, non framed) and size of the pictures. The printed pictures will be delivered to the corresponding user’s address after the payment. The entire system can be monitored and managed under one portal, where the admin has control over everything—monitor, update the order status and see all the custom data (like type of printing, size chosen, image uploaded) of one user’s order.

Client: Picture
Services: Mobile App Development
When: few months ago