One Software doesn’t fit all Business

Alan Cooper, father of Visual Programming language, trumpeted the idea of designing to meet specific needs.Cooper formalized by focusing on a particular class of people through the idea of personas, which are point by point depictions of theoretical individuals who will utilize a product framework. In association, these personas are utilized to control conceptualizing and assessment of the UIs and usefulness. He also quoted about the CRM systems, In business programming, most vast projects must serve the requirements of numerous personas keeping in mind the end goal to succeed. A CRM framework used to track deals, for instance, is utilized by both the business rep persona, who must track their action and stay up with the latest, and the VP of sales persona, who takes a look at the big picture.


A few business get more benefited from any sort of software than others. This is because that product is composed from a small group of people. The issues and challenges looked in creating software to work can be clarified by the effort made when the outline of programming is instructed, considering special modules over the normal ones. So, the campaign for changes in the software should originate from the reviews and we have to constantly enhance it.  For instance questions like the following has to be asked within :

  1.  Any of the issues that were experienced during the last session is still hindering the reasonable procedure to be implemented?
  2. Are there any parts of the procedure that are not any more important or which can be streamlined?


Compatibility  – the digital relationship between your unique methods of business practices and the IT backbone behind it should be always considered when looking for customisation. In the programming world, compatibility is found to be a prominent feature. But in the reality of running a business, we all know the compatibility cannot be possible above a certain level in readily available softwares. Even the experienced developers, worked with numerous co-ordinated groups can give summed up counsel of solutions that is proved to be working for similar conditions. However those solutions might not work in your project – with your one of a kind mix of abilities.



Business Trendsetters:

Are you that one of it’s kind people type? Who looks out the window not aiming just for the best of best things, but creating trends, setting own high standards and making the world to turn around and look at you.  There is no need of briefing about the “specially designed or exclusively available” terms to you.  You are the masters of these exceptionally great business ideas, who always believe there is a unique personalized solution in every common and regular issues.


Customisation might seems a complicated one, but the readily available modules are not the perfect answer to above business trendsetters. The on-set-go programming capsules might be a cheaper way to start up your business on the IT platform and also, we agree that, it is going to take little extra time, extra money, and an extra effort, in designing something special and exclusive.

The best example is Starbucks , a newbie in the cafe might fight a bit to order a drink, but the regulars make it effortless. Same, for the thinking out of box people, customised softwares are a kick to get a head start.


Renowned Example:

Motorola’s use of custom software has affected customer’s experience in a good way. Their custom software has aided in critical communication products and services to enterprises and international governments, plus they’ve invented most of the protocols and technologies that made the first mobile phone possible.  They have adopted two methods of customisation, one during the creation phase and second in the managing phase.

The company was able to present,

  • Improved resource co-ordinations between their organizations.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Cycle-time reduction in common processes and tools.





Stutzen believes that “Software adapts for the business, business don’t adapt for software ”. The huge growth, brand build, vast success, internationally established markets, they all have one common foundation “Organized rare approach”.



The evolution of in improvement process had led to the conclusion of “one size doesn’t fit all”. The agile framework manifesto points to “Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools”. Finally, any development process-agile methods that you have come across anywhere, is a method that has been tailored to suit for the team or venture using it.


Even if your team is encountered with similar problems and identical technologies of another team, no guarantee is given adopting the “same customised software” of them will lead to success. Instead it should be used as only template for your ideas or else over time your unique skillsets can disappear. This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t look around for thoughts on the best way to enhance your development procedure. Despite what might be expected, there is no point in reinventing the wheel, a thought from another coordinated group may work flawlessly inside your group, or may work after a few changes. On the other hand it might end up being the seed that enables you to achieve your own particular arrangement.




Hear it from someone who knows IT

The word exclusive always comes with the expensive dollar sign in front of it but take it from someone who knows the nooks and corners of the IT industry, like us, it is not the case. Are you wondering how is it possible?  Your question about the pricing is answered by the advanced modern digital world where, the revolution of the programming languages and applications have made the customised softwares near to the price of readily available ones in the market. The cost of the software is not that of buying a golden goose; it has been made to stand almost equal to that of the regular ones.

Also the invested money is going to bring extra time for you to focus on your needs and business goals, extra profits, reduced human resource management, etc., for your organization.

Stutzen, with the years of experience, proud to say that, with unique mix of skilled and certified human resources and adapted development process, are able to provide the customised applications and software at much lower cost than the market.

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