Why US UK KSA should outsource their software?

Software development is competitive even in the best of circumstances . At the point when your organization is thinking about employing an outside firm to do your development, it is present upon you and your whole staff to ensure the task meets up without staggering over obstacles that shouldn’t have progressed towards becoming an issue in any case.

Key to any technical endeavor is planning and master analysis of where a project is headed, and how it is created. While administration of the process is vital, making plans for all foreseeable contingencies is far more prone to make room for success.


Outsourcing to India:

Lot of primary thinking over outsourcing to India is, it cuts the cost of the production unit, though it sounds true and righteous, the invisible benefiting factor is the prime quality delivered by them. In a statistics report of a US magazine, it is proven that outsourcing has resulted in evolution of the greater services and quality of the job done.  In the global outsourcing, countries with developing economies similar to that of India holds a huge competency potential , Eg; Argentina, Brazil, China, Philippines, etc., but still India has the lion share of about 85% in outsourced software development.

North American countries rob 7%. It follows by Europe with 5% while South America has only 2% share. If we look at figures from Asian countries excluding India, it is negligible (1%).

These figures automatically indicate that India is still the most preferred destination for the outsourcing world. It might be too lengthy to discuss all of those famous characters that makes Indian companies to sit on the throne of the development projects, but we can see  most prominent of them.


1)Hub of Outsourcing:

The easy availability of pool of developers makes it as simple as pie for them to get a task done. In India, about roughly 350k+ people can be seen in a multinational IT company. Any IT company can hire as easily an IT engineer with renowned skill sets. To put it clear, Example Romania or any eastern European country would have 65k IT professionals across the entire nation and it is only 5.3% of the former.For an average developer across UK or US, it costs about 7 times to hire an in-house that of an outsourced developer. Looking at the country’s cost of living index, the infrastructure of the hardware availability, outsourcing to India is really not a bad idea though.

Equipments, OS, and systems administration framework offices are at an optimal level so Indian outsourcing programming organizations can address present day programming improvement needs from cutting edge nations at exceedingly moderate rates.

Portable systems and the Internet systems make communication simple, fast and progressed to offer 24X7/365 backings utilizing multimedia channels. Subsequently, Indian outsourcing programming improvement organizations can without much of a stretch beat time zone imperatives.


2)Work Ethics and Favorable Policies:

Transparency and high coordinated working procedure helps them to woo more clients across the entire globe, but especially the US and UK because of the loyal work program they have adopted. The government in India encourages the IT companies and believes the profits from them  lifts the financial standards of the nation. The democratic government is striving development and software outsourcing has the most elevated commitment to boosting the economy of the country. Along these lines, the administration is focusing on much accentuation on lifting outsourcing incomes up amid its arrangement making and in addition usage forms. At the appropriate time, the Indian government has actualized stringent IT acts to help consistent operations, excellent measures, and strategies to get most extreme advantages for the business to flourish in the nation. Other than these, the Indian government is putting forth various motivations incorporating alleviation in assessments, benefit charges at various levels, foundation bolsters, startup backings, and undertaking unit foundations.



About 10% of population in India can speak English fluently, that is actually nearly 13 million people, which is more than the entire population of many countries. The communication level of them has really made the huge number of US based software companies to outsource their projects. It has become easy and seamless for the western continents to communicate and establish a firm relationship in progressing direction. Also, Indian IT companies enlighten their professionals about the culture, business practices and the needs of the clients.


Being a major IT hub of the world, it is a good choice to consider an Indian based company as your offshore partner. Besides, outsourcing software might come handy in many other perspective views also. For the companies based in US, UK and Middle East, outsourcing can be better option than hiring a full time developer.


In general, the US and UK have an economy theory evolution, looked carefully, agree or deny it, the theory is been followed by them. It says that economies experience different phases of development from being fundamentally dependent on agriculture to then becoming reliable on manufacturing or assembling to then moving into services or administrations. This is the current scenario of US and UK. As of right now, 70 percent of GDP results from producing services rather than goods. They have moved far from manufacturing by outsourcing.The economists are more concerned about the temporary structural unemployment. This happens when the aptitudes of the jobless (manufacturing workers) don’t coordinate the abilities required for the open positions (service providers). It is a concern to encourage outsourcing.


For an Middle Eastern country, the difficulty in finding a potential resource is a key point to look for the  offshore developer. Also, it is profoundly known the administrative positions are filled up mostly by Indian professionals, which in turn churns up to look for the Indian IT engineer just to make things easier and quicker. Also, the celebrations and festivities are given more important in middle east, that clears almost 2 months plus in their working day calendar. During these times, outsourced projects are never going to be interrupted or delayed. It is like killing two birds with one stone.



Unforeseen Benefits:


Acclaimed Skillsets

Focus On Your Goals

Time and Cost

Fresh Ideas

Top-end Quality



Strategies For the CFO’s

Scale & Efficiency:

As a critical member from administration, you can build your own proficiency by taking out time spent to oversee staff. You ought to have the capacity to concentrate on business capacities without clashing needs, which can prompt lost business.


Operations won’t just be cost effective however will be more effective. When you have low maintenance errands, an outsourced staff will dispose of lost profitability costs. You won’t have to plan customary hours for staff, regardless of whether the work is there or not, and you’ll save money on worker benefits costs and additionally office space. At the point when the workload develops to full-time, an outsourced staff gives the capacity to partial increments in staffing and frameworks. There is likewise a critical time reserve funds when you do without composed organization approaches, instructional pamphlets and time spent embellishment a bookkeeping staff.



Competitive Advantage:

Having an exceptionally talented staff with an extensive variety of experience are readily available when you outsource appropriately. You access specialists with a field of experience related specifically to the requirements of your association with the correct level of comprehension for your particular undertakings and errands, now, as well as your needs develop. And also being encountered, an outsourced staff is arranged to expectations and due dates. They work with an administration mindset.


There is no reason to make powerful investments inside and along with outsourced professionals comes access to proven, solid accounting systems, designed to your industry and altered to your business. Data is overseen safely and at off-site servers. You don’t have to stress over stable network or extra IT bolster, in addition to daily back-ups and a disaster recovery plan are regularly part of the bundle.


Control & Stability:

At the point when a project is outsourced appropriately, you never again need to stress over theft and division of duties. There is no compelling in occasionally rotating staffs and conduct outside surveys or reviews. Money dealing with and accounting, administrator affirmed benefits and alterations, buying and credit capacities are altogether isolated, conveying certainty to your business capacities. You’ll have better responsibility and control of organization resources.


Case Study: The cost reduction and profit improvement results in increased employment. It is proved example with the famous Delta Airlines and Skype. These successful business are built on outsourced software development programme.


Great Works Opens New Doors: Getting started and finding your pace might be difficult, but there is alternative to your slow start, outsource your development to us, Stutzen. We like to build things out of nothing. Stutzen is,


Crazy Creative:

Due to the nature of job, our development team have broader experience to numerous software initiatives, that makes them to look at different ways in developing the products, solving issues and overcoming the challenges. As the more we create, the more we experience and better we become.


Super Knowledge:

The best industrial practices, high standards, concepts like DevOps and agile aren’t new to us. We make sure to follow only the premium methods in testing the quality code to present a good software. Stutzen- the smart teams initiate lots of discussions about the whole bio of the software to sort out all the tiny details.


Fast Accelerating:

Renee Troughton, author of “Agile Revolution” podcast has written, outsourcing software development is good option, because the team is ready to go. We at Stutzen, are a fast accelerating team, ready to work- right from the start, promising an efficient delivery with no potential risks. Adapting and Adopting to grow and glow in the industry has been our primary goal. We , your offshore team, doesn’t delay your software projects by discussing the inescapable HR tasks because we are all set to begin your task.


Fresh ideas:

Stutzen doesn’t simply know and interpret the recent trends; we seek and embrace after them. Our functional teams, decide the best of best innovative pattern for your product and they are open to all the tech talks, discussions, suggestions. We live and breathe the fresh ideas.


Trouble Free:

We follow the practice of cross-functional teams, and there is group of our workers who review the team’s efforts in tandem. This way, we promise for a trouble free and uninterrupted workflow. We never miss a deadline or release. Buffer resource fluctuation, group currently trained consistently.

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